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Xero Payroll Integration
ChronoSheets now connects to Xero for payroll processing of timesheets. This means your employees can use ChronoSheets for web, iOS or Android to submit timesheets, which will eventually be submitted into Xero for Xero payroll processing!

Xero has received a number of awards including the Canstar Blue (satified customers) four years in a row. This integration is extremely exciting!

Digital Champions Partnership
ChronoSheets is providing support as a corporate partner to help Australian small businesses thrive in the digital world. Small businesses can use digital technology and unlock their potential, to help them be more effective, competitive and ultimately, more profitable.

The Small Business Digital Champions project is an Australian Government initiative and you can read more about it here:

File Attachments
Upload files and attach to timesheets. Keep your receipts, worksite photos and documents all in one place. Generate file reports for quick, easy access to all employee files.
Jobs and Tasks
Define your own jobs and tasks to be used by your employees in timesheet submission. Save time by not having to re-enter common tasks - add tasks to your task library so you can re-use them when creating job codes.
Meeting/Voice Transcripts
Automatically transcribe voice recordings into text. Use the mobile apps to record meetings and take the hassle out of note taking. Spend more time talking and less time note taking. Use ChronoSheets to search through your entire history of meetings by keyword.
Clients and Projects
Define your own clients and their projects. Set estimated project cost for tracking, project start and end dates for clear insight into project timelines. Record key client information for later retrieval.
Employee Management
Invite your employees so they can submit timesheets. Choose how many seats you want during sign up, once you've signed up you'll be able to create the employee user accounts. Set hourly rates and define employee rosters.
Generate charts quickly to visualise timesheet activities across your company. The Organisation Reports view covers consolidated time expense, project costs (actual vs. estimated), vehicle fleet reports, jobs and tasks time expense, clients and projects time expense and if you need to you can view or export the detailed raw timesheet data.
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Your employees will be able to use the iOS and Android apps to track GPS trips. You'll be able to create a vehicle fleet including defining fuel costs for vehicles. When your employees are tracking their trip they'll be able to select which vehicle they are using.
Project Tracking
As your employees are recording timesheets, you'll be able to track project costs and compare actual costs versus estimated costs. Information entered about the employee (pay rates, rosters and timesheets) will be used to give you up to the minute project cost reports in your Organisation Reports view.
Employee Pay Rates
By setting employee pay rates, ChronoSheets can calculate exact amounts for each recorded timesheet. We all know that pay rates change over time, so you'll be able to archive out dated pay rates and introduce new ones.
Employee Rosters
By setting employee rosters, ChronoSheets can detect overtime submission and pay. The employee rosters view allows you to define timeslots (can have multiple in one day, for more unique scenarios).
Email Alerts
You'll be able to decide which of your employees will receive email alerts, providing updates on timesheet activities such as when your employees work outside of their roster or when actual project costs approach estimated project costs.


Use the ChronoSheets website to submit time entries, view time sheet history, view and download file attachments, manage your company account, review vehicle trips and generate reports.



Use the ChronoSheets mobile app to enter and submit time entries, track vehicle trips using GPS, take photos of worksites, scan receipts and record meeting audio.

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